Products We Sell


MAPEI products are designed to provide system solutions, from the underlayments and waterproofing to the final exterior aesthetic high-performance coatings. Plus, our products are formulated using materials that mitigate impact on the environment and are designed for easy, efficient application.

Concrete Grinding Equipment

A variety of grinders available for all your residential and commercial concrete grinding needs.

Epoxy / PU Injection Pump

Polyurethene or Epoxy, Ideal for Professional Contractors concrete repair, waterproofing, crack repair, grouting, basement, garage, tunnel, bridage, apartment, washroom, supermarket, & Self using customers for their own house / ground / basement / roof water stop, crack repair.


For all your concrete needs


  • Polishing Pads
  • Grinding Shoes
  • Diamond Cup Wheel
  • Diamond Grinding Plate